I want to be stuck in college: Post-Grad Blues

It sounds kinda weird, especially coming from a fourth-year college student. Even if you ask, the goal of those in college right now, is to finish their undergraduate thesis, graduate, and finally get out of the university. I wish for the same things too, but now that I am closer to achieving them, everything feels heavy and all I think of is to be stuck in college and repeat the same routine.

Going to the same favorite spots on campus with friends, the feeling of having a newfound family with orgmates, unlimited chikahan, and never-ending kulitan with college buddies—some of the many factors why I survived and am now in my last semester in college. These moments will be missed, but if there is a main reason why I still want to stay where I am right now, it is the fear of post-graduation.

Graduates will be greeted with “Welcome to the real world”, and then questions like “Am I capable enough?” and self-doubt will rise mostly as I start seeking employment. I heard and read about the experiences and testimonies of some ates and kuyas who struggled as they faced the ‘real world’ after graduation. A lot of things happened that even made them question their worth.

The same way I overthink my future—“What if I end up being rejected” or worse, keep being rejected? Do I still deserve my school achievements?

The thought that my family, friends, and some people look forward to my career journey makes it bittersweet. All I think of is, I do not want to fail them, especially my parents. All this overthinking and anxiousness makes me want time to slow down sometimes.

On the contrary, what I am sure of is that I want the bachelor’s degree program that I am in right now (Bachelor of Arts in Journalism) and I know the kind of job I want to have—anything that is in line with that field. I even fantasize about being a writer or a reporter during my senior high school and early college years. 

Now, as I got closer to finishing my degree, I became more aware of the possibilities that it may or may not happen—or maybe, not right away. Translating my course to a graduate job is not a piece of cake, but I am in no way turning away from my dreams. I will take the hard road if I need to, while also trying not to be too hard on myself. 

Future and uncertainty when combined are really scary. All these things make me want to stay in the present. But fret not, this desire is not forever. Post-grad and adulting may be terrible, but what’s scarier is being stuck in the same routine and not being able to move forward. Let me feel what I want to feel in the present. I want to be stuck, but not forever.


Never too late: Ending 2022 with these bop K-Pop recent releases

Holidays just became more festive with the new songs released by our favorite K-Pop artists this December. Solo, group, collaboration—K-Pop fever continues to rise even by the end of this year.

Below are the songs you can still add to your list of favorite 2022 songs.

1. Wild Flower – RM (with Youjeen)

BTS’ leader RM debuted his first solo studio album ‘Indigo’ with ‘Wild Flower’ as its title track. According to BigHit Music, its lyrics express “RM’s desire to live like humble and tranquil wildflowers rather than a flamboyant flame that quickly blows out.” RM being the co-writer proves how poetic and a genius artist he is.

Feel various shades of emotions by listening to RM’s ‘Indigo’ this holiday!

Listen to ‘Wild Flower’ here

2. Ditto – NewJeans

Nostalgic and a breath of fresh air.

Rookie girl group NewJeans once again served visuals and vocals with their pre-release song from their upcoming new single album “OMG” which is set to release next year. According to ADOR, ‘Ditto’ is a reinterpretation of the Baltimore club dance music genre. They also added that member Minji participated in writing the lyrics of the track.

Feel the retro vibes this holiday while listening to ‘Ditto’!

Listen to ‘Ditto’ here

3. Beautiful Christmas – Red Velvet x aespa

If there is a song in the list perfectly made to play this Christmas, it is ‘Beautiful Christmas’ by Red Velvet and aespa. SM Entertainment knows what they are doing when they combine this 3rd gen and 4th gen girl groups in one frame. Powerful vocals and visuals indeed!

This collaboration is part of SM Entertainment’s “2022 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU PALACE” holiday album project.

Everybody come have yourself a Beautiful Christmas while listening to this song!

Listen to ‘Beautiful Christmas’ here

4. Candy – NCT Dream

Sweet and colorful.

May it be an original or a remake, NCT Dream does not forget to add own flavor to their songs. The boy group released their special winter mini album ‘Candy’ with the same title as its main track. It is a remake of first-gen SM boy group H.O.T.’s hit song.

Treat yourself with something sweet by listening to ‘Candy’ this holiday!

Listen to ‘Candy’ here

5. FAM (Korean Ver.) – Stray Kids

Stray Kids showed once again how diverse and capable they are of trying various music styles with their new album ‘SKZ-REPLAY’ which included ten tracks from A-side and 15 tracks from B-side—that’s 25 songs in total (STAYs ARE WINNING)!

First released as a Japanese song, the boy group created the Korean version of ‘FAM’ as their new album’s title track. ‘FAM’ is written and composed by 3RACHA, composed of members Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han.

Listen to ‘SKZ-REPLAY’ for a whole roller coaster ride of emotions this holiday!

Listen to ‘FAM’ here

Are there any more December-released K-Pop songs you would like people to listen to this holiday season? Comment it below!